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These are titles of presentations we have done for parents and educators. We are more than happy to create individualized presentations on a topic of your choice, as well.  Our educator presentations are wonderful additions to In-Service days, while our parent presentations are good options for Parent Nights at schools.

for educators 

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  • Facilitating Play for Children with Autism and Related Challenges
  • Managing the "Major Players" in your Classroom: Understanding Sensory Processing and Emotional Regulation and their impact on behavior
  • The Power of Empathy - Handling Challenging Behaviors in your Classroom
  • a day in the life of a preschooler: Understanding classroom behavior and strategies to creatively manage them 
  • A Survey of Handwriting Research
  • The Sensory Side of Education
  • How do I know if my student can benefit from Occupational Therapy services?

for parents

  • Should I be worried? A review of developmental milestones and steps to take when there is a developmental delay.
  • Handling the Challenging Behaviors of your Preschooler - Setting limits while still fostering independence and supporting the emotional health of your child
  • A Passion for Play - Developing and fostering a sense of play in your child and yourself.
  • Advocating for your child in the Schools
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