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Holiday Gift Recommendations

Speech/language benefits:

• Question Formation: Ask who goes now? what do you need? which one do you want?

• Answering: In response to who goes now? you and your child can say I do, you do, me, you. In response to what do you need? you and your child can say I need ___, I don’t need it. In response to which one do you want? you and your child can say I want (the)___.

• Turn-Taking: Encourage turn-taking with the screwdriver by saying (it’s) your turn, (it’s) my turn. Commenting: When it’s your turn to use the screwdriver, make comments such as I am turning, I am using it, I need it, you need it, it’s loose, it’s tight, it’s fun, it’s off/on.

• Problem Solving: Try to “create” a problem by talking through the situation. Depending on your child’s language skills, you can ask open ended questions such as, Which bit do I need to use? Which tool do I need to use?

OT benefits:

• Helps build a child’s executive functioning skills such as working memory/short term memory

• Shifting attention

• Inhibitory/impulse control

• Allow opportunities for problem solving during play.

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