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registration now open for 2023-24 program

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A place to practice. A place to prepare. A place to harness the power of play. 

Our Preschool Social Groups are for children between the ages of 3-5 years old. Open to children with or without a medical diagnosis, groups are small, catered to individual needs and learning styles and staffed by leaders in the industry. 

Perfect for children who have challenges with:

Interacting with peers

Processing Sensory Input

Expressing themselves

Reading social cues

Comprehending the language of others

Attending and staying focused

Regulating emotions

Pre-academic skills


Best Buds is offered in three 12-week sessions with the options of signing up for one, two or three sessions. Enrollment is open and ongoing. 

We are able to individualize programming to fit a family's needs, as well as to cater to the individual profile of the child. Best Buds is a half-day program with a choice of either MORNING or AFTERNOON. Parents can choose from the following:

2 Days

3 Days


5 Days


Each day includes a consistent schedule that incorporates supported free play with intense work on social skills, structured circle time and activities focused on gross, fine and sensory motor development. Children are encouraged and supported to share their ideas, respond to peers and follow directions. Academic readiness is taught throughout the day by harnessing meaningful and engaging concepts and adapting the curriculum based upon individual learning styles. Literacy, Math and Science concepts are woven in creatively throughout the day. For picky eaters, a feeding curriculum is also incorporated during Snack Time.

additional therapies

Individual Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Social Work options include sessions that can extend a child's day or be incorporated into the preschool programming. Many of our enrolled children attend a traditional preschool program for the second half of their day or on off-days. Therapists are willing to coordinate with a child's outside team to best optimize generalization of skill acquisition across a variety of environments. 

communication and parent involvement

In Best Buds, we utilize a team-based approach that values open communication. We welcome parents and caregivers to join the program, when desired, so that valuable information and strategies can be shared. Each child is given goals which are tracked and reported on to parents every 6 weeks with a face-to-face meeting once per 12 week session.

tuition and insurance

Best Buds is tuition-based. Portions of programming are led by OTs or COTAs, Speech Language Pathologists or SLPAs, and Social Workers or Art Therapists and may be billable to insurance, depending on a client's individual coverage. This can offset tuition costs for qualifying families.  For more information on pricing and your insurance eligibility, contact Erika at 847-386-6560, x210. 

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