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Speech-Language Therapy

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The emphasis of speech and language therapy is to improve a child's performance in a variety of areas including feeding, understanding language and expressing themselves. Developing effective communication skills is one of the most important elements to socializing, creating meaningful relationships, promoting play skills and providing the foundation for academic skills.


At Kick Start PTN, our Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) provide comprehensive evaluations using a combination of standardized testing, clinical observations, language samples and parent interview. They specialize in the assessment of expressive and receptive language skills, verbal apraxia, social-pragmatic language, articulation, oral-motor development, sensory-based feeding challenges, auditory processing and language processing difficulties. Our SLPs utilize a holistic, multisystem approach to assess the whole child, helping to identify other factors that may be influencing performance. This includes consideration of their developmental profile, sensory profile and general health symptoms. 

our therapists

Our Speech and Language Pathologists have extensive experience working with children of all ages and abilities, with an emphasis on improving a variety of communication skills including articulation, language, oral-motor and social pragmatics. All of our SLPs are ASHA certified.

The Speech and Language Pathologists at Kick Start are trained and experienced in the following therapetuic approaches: DIR/Floortime, PROMPT, Sesnory Integration, Feeding Therapy, Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson's oral-motor program, Earobics, Therapeutic Listening and assistive technology. 


The goal at Kick Start PTN is to help children to become successful communicators and independent language learners by developing therapeutic programs specific to each child's needs. Development of the therapeutic program is based on the findings of the child's evaluation combined with the priorities of the family. The most effective speech and language intervention promotes teachable moments during children's daily routines and natural interactions with family and peers. This facilitate carry over of therapeutic strategies in the most efficient manner.

Our therapy targets the following areas of speech and language needs: Receptive/Expressive Language articulation and phonological disorders, motor planning speech deficits and Apraxia, auditory/language processing disorders, social pragmatic deficits, feeding problems and oral motor deficits. Our SLPs provide these service in both individual and peer group settings. 

underlying components of speech and language

Underlying components of SPEECH include: Phonation, Resonance, Intonation, Pitch, Voice, Respiration.

Underlying components of LANGUAGE include: Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Grammar, Semantics, Pragmatics.

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