July 8, 2020

Summer is now in full swing! For all of us, summer is looking different this year and we are all working to find creative, safe ways to adapt and do what is best for our families. This article will offer tips, summer activities and ways to engage, support and have fun...

June 29, 2020

The 4th of July is rapidly approaching! This summer’s 4th of July celebrations will look different than previous years due to social distancing guidelines. Many firework shows have been cancelled or postponed, and many children with sensory processing differences have...

What is Teletherapy?

Families are keeping their therapies consistent during the COVID-19 pandemic using teletherapy, the delivery of therapeutic services through a technology platform such as Zoom. Teletherapy was gaining steam even before the pandemic, and has been est...

December 20, 2019

Great cooperative board game! Work together to beat the ogres to the treasure.


Visual spatial problem solving (using a grid & building a path); Visual perceptual skills (matching correct parts of cards); Fine motor coordination (rolling dice and manipulating sma...

December 20, 2019

Gumball Grab is great for turn taking, matching, visual scanning, sequencing, eye-hand coordination, fine motor coordination, impulse control, attention to task, grasp/release, and fostering muscle development needed for handwriting skills (specifically finger placemen...

December 13, 2019

Magna Tiles

Speech/language benefits:

• Endless possibilities for creative play. They are open-ended and can become anything from a tower to a space-ship. For older children you can build a structure for imaginary play and create stories around your creation.

• Vocabula...

December 13, 2019

Three Car Garage

Speech/language benefits:

• Good for young children using single or 2-word phrases. Parents can narrate what their child is doing: “open door,” “close door,” “turn key,” “blue car,” “red car,” “green car,” “my turn,” “your turn”

• Social engagement: use...

December 13, 2019

Create and Play Dinosaur Construction Set

Speech/language benefits:

• Question Formation: Ask who goes now? what do you need? which one do you want?

• Answering: In response to who goes now? you and your child can say I do, you do, me, you. In response to what do you n...

Social Groups: Hurdles and Supports for Social Communication

Having positive social experiences is essential to development, and yet for some children this does not come naturally. Plenty of obstacles can stand in the way of a child having successful interactions with p...

We value the power of play, intentionality and following a child’s interest in our social groups!

A common goal in these groups is to support a child to regulate his/her thoughts and ideas to increase shared attention. An example might be to incorporate a child’s actio...

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