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School Services

Community services

We pride ourselves on our ability to take our services outside of the clinic and into the community. Whether it's providing therapy in school, advocating at an IEP meeting or providing in-service presentations to teachers, we have many options for preschools, elementary schools and parents.

preschool partnership program

We are proud to partner with preschools across Chicagoland.  Catered to the needs of each school, we can provide consistent consultations, on-site Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Social Groups, and In-Service Presentations for Parents and/or Teachers. 

teacher helping child

on-site speech therapy, occupational therapy and social groups

We can come to you!  Whether it is in the classroom or a room down the hall, our therapists can provide services within private preschools and elementary schools. These services are paid for by parents and are insurance eligible. 

child in tunnel
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In-service presentations for teachers or families

We love to share our expertise with others and are able to create presentations and workshops based around your needs and interests.  For a full list of presentations that we have done, please click here

group listening to presentation

"The feedback that I got from the staff was very positive, and they all thought that they got tidbits of information that could help with all students in their classrooms."

                         - Margaret Parcell, Director of Northminster Nursery School - Evanston, IL

Developmental screenings

Our Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists and Developmental Therapists are available to schedule FREE Developmental Screenings in the community. 

IEP Meeting consultation and advocacy

Our therapists are able to consult around school placements and supports. We also often attend IEP meetings to share information on our clients, as well as work with schools on how best to support a child throughout the school day. 

child playing with blocks
IEP meeting
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